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Organizing Outreach to Medical Device Markets

This month’s issue of Med Ad News discusses the differences between marketing pharmaceuticals and marketing medical devices, focusing on the audience considerations and message development involved in organizing effective campaigns for the latter.

In an article entitled, “So you want to market devices,” Joshua Slatko writes that the frequency with which new devices are developed — compared to the 10 years it takes, on average, for a new drug to pass through every stage of development — means that medical device marketers have less funding for their campaigns and less time to create them.

To overcome these hurdles, successful device markets organize early communication with physicians and the other audiences involved in deciding to purchase and use new products. Indeed, Slatko writes, “A good device sales force that is building strong relationships early on with physicians can also have its efforts magnified in a way that rarely occurs in pharmaceutical marketing – because the physicians themselves often become effective marketers of devices to their own patients.”

At Russo Partners, we have the experience and expertise to handle campaigns for both drug and device companies. Having worked with a variety of clients seeking to promote a diverse range of products and messages, our veteran PR counselors can organize and execute campaigns that are tailored to each client’s particular goals and target audiences.

We are currently running a campaign for a medical device company that is about to release a new product. Our promotional work has employed many of the tactics that Slatko mentions, including arranging tech-savvy outreach to patients, physicians and other audiences that might be interested in the product at hand. Because we started organizing our outreach and building relationships with physicians months before the device launch, we have a well-planned campaign in place to guide this new product to a successful start. We create the same careful campaigns for all of our clients, be they involved with pharmaceuticals or medical devices.