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Connectivity Story Takes Flight at Heart Rhythm 2009

Dateline Boston….Russo Partners is wrapping up three days of meetings with journalists at Heart Rhythm 2009. After walking journalists through a story about patient and physician connectivity, we provided reporters with demonstrations of a state-of-the-art electronic patient care network developed by one of the largest medical device manufacturers. The hot button for the reporters was the one-click placement of implantable device — pacemaker and ICD —  performance data in patient medical records at a time that electronic records are top-of-mind. One reporter with The Gray Sheet spent more than an hour learning to navigate the patient care network to enable him to write an article from the perspective of physicians.  Overall, we enjoyed a productive time in Boston with members of the cardiology trade and national media.

Connectivity at Heart Rhythm 2009: Russo Partners’ Topic of the Week

Russo Partners is heading to Boston tomorrow for Heart Rhythm 2009, the annual scientific session of the Heart Rhythm Society. Our schedule is booked with meetings with the chief medical officer of one of the largest medical device companies and journalists with trade and mainstream publications.  The topic of the week: patient-physician connectivity that includes a big push with electronic health records.  A timely topic, this is one that has broad applicability — and has attracted the attention of journalists.  We will provide an update from the conference later this week.

In our sights for next week is the 2009 BIO International Convention in Atlanta.