Inviting the Media to Life Sciences Summit 2011

Interested in bringing novel therapeutics to patients? Want to discuss more efficient ways to develop drugs?

Then the Life Sciences Summit 2011 was the conference for you.

Held in New York last week, the conference was a forum for key opinion leaders from industry, academia, medical research foundations and other major stakeholders to explore new paradigms of drug development, examine barriers to success and to discuss strategies for improving efficiency and productivity in therapeutic development.

Russo Partners’ objective was to raise awareness of the conference in the media community, a task we were happy to undertake.

Our first step was to develop a media advisory describing the event, as well as potential sources in attendance, and then to distribute the document to select media contacts. Russo Partners continued working to facilitate connections between the media and attendees, both in advance of and during the conference.

We are pleased to report that the conference was well attended by both media and companies alike, and we are looking forward to assisting Life Sciences Summit in their media outreach next year.

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