The Health Blog

Listening to a round table of health bloggers this morning, it was interesting to learn about the role health blogs now play.  They are no longer merely informal or subjective collections of information, but they have become a new venue for more rigorous research and health storytelling than you might expect.

At times they are first-person narratives written to humanize a particular health experience.  Other blog entries color commentate on a recent news story.  In the case of some, they serve to aggregate interesting health news for readers who don’t have time to search the blogosphere for hours on end.

Of the bloggers polled during this particular roundtable, some considered themselves to be no different to the mainstream media — just writers who produced pieces in a shorter, more frequent package.

Like the mainstream, the blog has the power to disseminate “the news” in a direct and timely manner.  Unlike the mainstream, the blog can include more humorous, or “off-news,” topics that an audience may just happen to find interesting.  Blogs also frequently converse amongst themselves — some entries are merely routes to another blog.  As such, health blogs find themselves more and more interrelated and largely multifaceted.

This blog, while not a health blog per se, will aim to link more often to the blogosphere of which it is a part.  It will seek to supplement its own content with that of other interesting bloggers and to become a participant in the grand health blog conversation.

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