“Unveiling” a Biopharma Company Requires More than a News Release

calx-180x58Russo Partners did it again this week.  And we’re sure we’ll do it — unveil a biopharma company — again next week and many times in the future.

Since our founding 21 years ago as Noonan Russo, we’ve helped to introduce innovative biopharmaceutical companies to investors, employees, business partners and other audiences through our PR work.  Earlier today, we distributed a news release for San Diego-based Calixa Therapeutics to announce Phase I study results for a novel antibiotic. While the news release would have been enough for some executives with early stage biopharma companies, we insisted that the Calixa team members follow our lead with the implementation of a comprehensive campaign to unveil the company.  And that is exactly what we did.

A campaign for a small, venture-backed company with a few employees and the reliance on outside partners for everything else? We hear this from venture capitalists and CEOs all of the time.  Our answer is straightforward: Absolutely! Our work for Calixa consisted of  message and story development, spokesperson preparation, tool creation (media interview checklist, news release and basic Web site — the site was developed by Calixa and another partner), embargoed media outreach prior to the distribution of the news release and aggressive follow-up after the distribution. 

The results of this approach were phenomenal.  Not only did we secure profiles with BioWorld Today and Xconomy, we generated genuine interest in the Calixa story from reporters with a wide range of life science, pharma and business publications.  Our work on the campaign has set up the company with a foundation for more PR success as the Calixa executives move forward with their drug development plans.

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